What People Are Saying About Katie & Coaching


"I never thought I could benefit from a coach - until I got one. Now I'm not sure how I ever navigated through life without having an objective, outside view to keep me on course. Every form of top performer - from athletes to entertainers to entrepreneurs - have a coach, and there's a very good reason why: they work.

Katie is someone I talk to both when I'm very happy or very sad, when I'm very confident or very confused, because I know she understands life's polarities and can help me to understand them, too. She's a patient, nonjudgmental listener, and an exceptional coach through the good times and the bad."

Jordan, Entrepreneur and Traveler


"I constantly benchmark and seek feedback on major decisions from people I trust. Friends and family are great but carry certain biases, and may hesitate to be honest when giving feedback. This is where coaching can come in, helping you apply frameworks to decisions and think about them in ways you or your immediate network may not be able to.

Katie for me is both a source of trusted advice, but also someone who I know will deliver structured coaching to help guide good life decisions and direction, and that is invaluable!"

Kelvin, Entrepreneur

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"As an educator by profession, I get to witness the benefit of coaching every single day. Both children and adults benefit from direct one-on-one support and encouragement to overcome academic, social, and emotional challenges challenges. This same coaching and mentorship that allows my students to succeed and achieve their goals is something that I value at my stage in life and in my career. 

In today's ever-changing society, it can be tricky to know where you want to go and can seem impossible to determine how you're going to get there. Katie has supported and encouraged me through life's ups and downs - both personal and professional. She is everything that a coach should be: patient, goal-oriented and empathetic."

Sara, Educator


"Coaching is a great alternative to counselling because it gives you a space to communicate with a like-minded individual who can relate to the feelings you are experiencing in a non-judgemental, accepting, environment. It is extremely comforting to know your peers and the people you respect experience the same feelings of doubt and insecurities that you do; something you never get from a counselor or therapist. Sometimes we all just want to know that what we feel is NORMAL. We all want to feel accepted. One of the most comforting responses I hear from friends is.. "I do that too!" or "I say that too!" or "I think that too!"... there is this immediate feeling of relief and normalcy. Katie's coaching provided me with perspective on today and a vision for what I could achieve tomorrow."

Morgan, Registered Holistic Nutritionist


"Coaching is a structured way to work towards personal life goals with a forward-looking view. As a student, being able to discuss my struggles and goals with Katie has helped to alleviate stress and build priorities in my life"

Amy, BCom, Process Manager, recent graduate from McGill University


"Coaching is integral in sports, career and life for the main reason that we, as performers, need to focus on the most important aspect of any objective – the execution. While we can plan and track our progress individually, a coach accelerates the process by enabling us to focus and execute relentlessly on our craft. Katie brings the right blend of strategy, empathy and management to enable anyone to achieve their toughest goals."

Raphael, Business Strategy Consultant & Entrepreneur


"Coaching has provided the guidance and advice I needed to develop, maintain and work towards goals and focus on myself. Having someone informal or formal in your life to talk to and to support you makes life 'struggles' not seem so abnormal.  Katie has experienced many of the same life events that I have faced both career wise and in my personal relationship. Having Katie, an open-minded, down to earth person, to talk to about your challenges is the best way to learn and reflect."

Breanne, Legal Assistant